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Stroller sack Bodoque beige

Stroller sack Bodoque beige
Stroller sack Bodoque beige
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Saco stroller bodoque beige, for the best baby in winter is a stroller bag, the Happy Way are easy to put in the baby seat and very warm. Bodoque collection is made of high quality woven pique, very durable, soft and takes embroidered some lumps in chocolate.

It carries two large Velcro loops, which open and close to take the seat belt smoothly. In addition, the lid or cover feet polar bears on the inside, providing greater comfort to the baby.

It is equipped with zippers that run the entire sac, which allow removing the lid of the pouch, to take advantage of the back as cover for the summer. In addition to the gums to hold the chair, it has ribbons on top, offering a fixed grip.


Length: 93 cm.
Width: 52.5 cm.

Pique fabric of high quality durable and soft.
Back 3D grid that facilitates the perspiration from moisture.

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