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The services offered by may be hired for any users who meet the requirements of these CONDITIONS OF RECRUITMENT AND DISCLAIMER available at all times on the Web
Conditions of Contract

1Purpose of Contract

The contract is to regulate the general conditions of service offered by

The services currently provided and are the subject of this contract, the sale of textiles for children and baby layette and accessories for a walk.

Access to information is completely free, while the service is expensive purchase of products, specifying at all times current product prices, the prices of freight and tax charges.

The recruitment procedure will be conducted in the Castilian language in any case, can establish the possibility of contracting out the service in other specified languages.

2Identification of the Contracting Parties.

BabyLine SL, Phone0034 925 51 35 81, email

And, secondly, by the CUSTOMER, whose data entered for the purchase or make a suggestion, through the form for this purpose, are those that have been recorded by himself. All information contained in it have been passed directly by the client, so the responsibility for their authenticity corresponds directly and exclusively to the CLIENT.

3Obligations Relating to Procedure of Purchase.

The CLIENT is solely responsible for the accuracy of data entered by him in the procurement process and accepts the obligation to provide true, accurate and complete.

If CLIENT breaches this obligation, will be under your responsibility to account for potential damages caused to or third party.

4Terms of Service.

Trading conditions for this service and offers that might eventually be done by always appear in that Web page so they can be viewed, saved or printed. reserves the right to modify at any time the General Conditions of Contract and other documents cualerquier exposed on the website.

5Responsibilities. not be liable for delays or faults produced in access, performance and functionality of the Web, or in its services and / or contents, nor for any interruption, suspension or malfunction itself, when it has its origin in damage by natural disasters or force majeureor extreme urgency, such as strikes, attacks or intrusions computer or any other situation of force majeure or acts of God, and by errors in the networks data transfer and in any case if the error had been produced by a party external to the Organization businessIn case of computer error or problem with the data server in any items displayed on the website, with a difference image, description or price, BabyLine SL, we will notify the client that made the purchase, notifying the correction of order or the immediate return of the amount paid. responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the content, data or information regarding the products offered on its website, unless these have been modified by third parties or outside the organization without the express by the company.

The CLIENT agrees to comply with the provisions of the PRIVACY POLICY and TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT published on his website at the time of purchase.

2Legal notice


Sale of baby and child textiles / a online.

Use of this Web site gives the rider the condition of user of the site, which implies acceptance of these conditions as published at the time that accesses it. Therefore recommends that the User read them carefully, and the general conditions of contract if any, each time you access the Web Site. may change at any time and without notice the design, layout and / or configuration of the Website, and any or all Content, and modify the general conditions and / or conditions required for its use.

2Intellectual Property.

Web Site Content is an original work and protected by the Intellectual Property Rights All rights reserved for, not allowing reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means of part or all of the content the material on this Web Siteincluding without limitation, text, graphics, design codewithout permission of the author. At no time may be copied, modified or decompiled source code.

All logos and trademarks are registered as trademarks in the public records thus counting the benefit of the public faith registration to any dispute in this regard.

Non logos appearing on the Web site belong to their respective owners, if anything themselves responsible for any dispute which may be concerning them. Placing them in the website has been in any case, prior notice and acceptance thereof.

Website Design is owned by from programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its operation, therefore, will require the express written permission of to reproduce partially or total, and for the exploitation, distribution and marketing in general.

Any claims filed by users in relation to possible breaches of the rights of intellectual property on any of the contents of this web site should be directed to the following email